Project 1: CHCi

GeoGrow is a blog representing my work as a geographer, and is part of a larger research project about the development and adoption of Internet and mobile technologies in China.

My first major project developed the idea of a Cultural Heritage Cyberinfrastructure (CHCi), and examined the relationship between  provincial, regional, and national CHCIs in China.  Does the cultural heritage sector develop independently of a region’s Internet economy?  There is evidence that it does.

Eventually I would like to determine how overall economic development, Internet development, and cultural heritage development correlate to each other.

During summer of 2007 I visited a series of provincial libraries from coastal Shandong and Jiangsu to western Guansu.  I visited librarians who fill a variety of roles in their organizations in pursuit of figuring out how each was contributing to a project driven by the central government, the National Digital Culture Network of China.  The resulting information resulted in a thesis submitted to the University of Oregon Department of Geography.

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