Remembering the dead…


One good reason to make sure I write on occasion is because I don’t know how many other people like me there are out there. I like the form, and I’m old. So I have a bookmark file. A very old bookmark file. And at some point, after feed readers went the way of the dodo bird (does anyone still use a feed reader?) I categorized the blogs that I had bookmarked in the heyday of the form. And on occasion, on an idle weekend afternoon, I will roll through one or two of the categories: China, Chicago, Librarians, Tech Culture. Yesterday it was China, and soooo many are gone or haven’t had a single update. Conversely, there are some who have been active all this time that I don’t read regularly but should. If not because they are written by people I consider good friends, then because it would be good for me to read good, dense writing.

Here are people whose bookmarks got moved into the dead folder (yes, I keep a list of the dead ones):

Yeah, I know, sitting around following dead links isn’t a terribly rock-and-roll exercise.  But I am listening to the descriptions of the super harrowing wildfire evacuations in Canada.  Along with floods, there’s just going to be a lot more of that in the future.  I don’t take a Sunday paper anymore, and I rarely go to church.  What else should I be doing on a Sunday morning?

One of the original purposes of doing this was to track the development of blogs themselves.  It seemed like they would persist as a glowing movement of self-expression and micro-expertise.  And sure–they are totally still that.  Another purpose, one that this is taking on unexpectedly, is a snapshot of what life is like.  The idle scrubbing of bookmark files.  Who does that?