About the GrowBlog

Publishing since 2003, this is essentially a personal blog describing my travels through librarianship, life, and (the original intention) gardening.  The gardening seems to have always taken a back seat to the rest of life.

Until April of 2010, it was driven by Blogger,  but hosted on whatsgrowing.com.  Due to changes to Google’s hosting options on Blogger, the site was migrated to WordPress to ensure greater accessibility.

From February until July of 2011, I taught at the Wuhan University School of Information Management as part of a Fulbright scholarship. This blog and all associated content are not official Fulbright Program websites. The views expressed are my own and not those of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.  For that matter, the opinions herein, no matter how pigheaded, misguided, and ill-informed, are also not the opinions of my university, church, ethnic-group, etc. etc..

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